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Five excellent gourmet foods to eat in Takahama-cho! Discover great restaurants in the neighboring town of Ooi!

Takahama-cho and Ooi-machi, located in the westernmost part of Fukui Prefecture, are home to many delicious gourmet foods. We have selected seven restaurants where you can fully enjoy local gourmet foods such as seafood rice bowls and pizzas made with fresh seafood delivered daily from fishing grounds, and yam and soba noodles made with local specialty yam. Please refer to them when you visit the area for sightseeing.

What kind of towns are Takahama-cho and Ooi-cho?

Takahama-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui Prefecture, bordering Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, is considered the western gateway to Fukui Prefecture. 8 km of white sand coastline is home to eight beaches, including Wakasa Wada Beach, which has been selected as one of the 100 best beaches for swimming. There are also abundant scenic spots such as the terraced rice fields of Hibiki and Mount Aoba, nicknamed Wakasa Fuji by the locals.
Ooi Town is located southeast of Takahama Town. In 2022, a new landmark, SEE SEA PARK, will open in the Ooi Town Uminpia area. This commercial facility will feature restaurants, outdoor stores, and other facilities where visitors can enjoy Ooi Town's rich natural bounty.

Popular gourmet foods in Takahama-cho and Ooi-machi

Here we introduce popular gourmet foods in Takahama-cho and Ooi-machi, which are blessed with the sea, mountains, and nature.

Seafood|Wakasa fugu, Wakasa goji

The mainstay of Takahama's gourmet cuisine is, above all, fresh seafood! The catch is landed daily at the town's fishing grounds. In summer, you can enjoy seafood barbecues such as turban shells and abalone, and in winter, you can enjoy Wakasa fugu (blowfish), the king of tastes, and crabs. We also recommend the sweet sea bream, Wakasa guji, which is available year-round.

Grapes, shiitake mushrooms, yams, and shishito meat

Takahama Town, rich in nature, also produces rice, vegetables, and fruits. Kamakura grapes produced in the Kamakura district of Takahama Town are known for their juicy and juicy juice, so much so that they are called "drinking grapes. Ooi Town, with its many mountain forests, is famous for its shiitake mushrooms, yokamo (Japanese yam), and high-quality shishito meat, which is stored in the bounty of the satoyama.

Popular gourmet restaurants in Takahama-cho and Ooi-machi

We have selected seven restaurants where you can enjoy popular gourmet foods in Takahama-cho and Ooi-machi. We invite you to enjoy the unique flavors of delicious local ingredients.

Restaurant Genji offers the freshest Wakasa seafood.

Restaurant Genji "Dannushi Gozen

Restaurant Genji "Dannushi Gozen

Citation meta. Restaurant Genji

The restaurant is owned by a local fresh fish restaurant, so you can enjoy the freshest Wakasa seafood. The menu includes not only seafood but also local mountain delicacies, such as a set of sashimi and tempura of midi-tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms harvested in Takahama, or a bowl of rice topped with local pickled fish and yam yam yam topped with specialty Tochu-cha (thick tea). From affordable set menus to Wakasa fugu and crab courses, you will be able to enjoy Takahama's gourmet cuisine to the fullest.
Address 63-24-1 Miyazaki, Takahama-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui 919-2225
Telephone number 0770-72-2522
Business hours 11:00 - 21:00
Closed Thursday
Please confirm details in advance.
Reference site Restaurant Genji (レストラン源治)

"Familia" for BBQ in a perfect location

Familia, which is also equipped with a guesthouse, operates a hamburger store, a cafe and bar, and even a BBQ space. You can enjoy dishes using local specialties, such as tendon made with Wakasa fugu (blowfish) and Japanese pasta. The BBQ space, which can be used without anything, is just a short walk to the sandy beach! How about making family memories?
Address 110-26-3 Wada, Takahama-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui 919-2201
Telephone number 0770-72-6630
Business hours 11:00~00:00 (L.O.23:30)
Closed Wednesdays
Please confirm details in advance.
Reference site FAMILIAR

ILMARE, a delightful fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine

Il Mare, which means "the sea" in Italian, is a restaurant where you can enjoy ocean views and gourmet Italian cuisine. Counter seating with the ocean in front of you is popular, and the menu includes a wide variety of dishes such as kama-age pasta, freshly baked pizza, and after-meal cakes. Pizzas and pastas made with Wakasa heshiko are also a specialty.
Address 11-15-4, Hata, Takahama-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui 919-2213, Japan
Telephone number 0770-72-5120
Business hours Saturdays, Sundays, holidays: 11:00-22:00 (L.O. 21:30)
Weekdays 11:30-22:00 (L.O. 21:30)
Closed Unscheduled holidays
Please confirm details in advance.
Reference site ILMARE

"Café Fiesta" where you can easily eat shishito meat

Shishi-Don at Cafe Fiesta

Shishi-Don at Cafe Fiesta

Citation meta. Cafe Fiesta | Oi-cho Tourist Association

The winter delicacy of Ooi Town is shishito. Botan-nabe (botan stew) is famous, but Café Fiesta serves shishi-udon (rice bowl) only from November to March. Shishi-nabe is a hearty dish of soft-boiled, cubed Shishi-on rice topped with a bowl of rice. For a refreshing meal, we also recommend the Shishi-niku Udon, a dish with Shishi-niku meat in a broth with a hint of sansho (Japanese pepper). In addition, you can enjoy a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes such as curry and soba noodles at reasonable prices.
Address 3-42-3, Natasho Hisasaka, Ooi-machi, Oi-gun, Fukui 917-0382
Phone number 0770-67-2690
Business hours 9:00 - 16:00
Closed Tuesdays
Please confirm details in advance.
Reference site Cafe Fiesta (喫茶フィエスタ)

Luxury Lunch at Ryokan "Ryokan Shinza"


Lunch Gozen at Ryokan Shinsa

Citation meta. Cuisine | Ryokan Shinza

Ryokan Shinza is a ryokan that can be used for lunch if you make a reservation. Using seasonal ingredients from Wakasa, you can enjoy a satisfying "Lunch Gozen" which includes an appetizer, sashimi, seasonal small pot, vinegared dish, small bowl of cooked food, and rice.
Address 4-10-2, Natasho Hisasaka, Ooi-machi, Oi-gun, Fukui 917-0382
Phone number 0770-67-2028
Business hours 11:30-13:00
*Please confirm details in advance.
Reference site
Ryokan Shinza (料理旅館 新佐)

Enjoy popular gourmet foods in Takahama-cho and Ooi-machi!

Surrounded by mountains and the sea, Takahama and Ooi Towns are famous for seafood such as Wakasa fugu and Wakasa guji, as well as mountain delicacies such as yam and shishito meat. When you visit, why not enjoy a gourmet meal featuring local specialties?
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