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Drive-in Yoshida (ドライブイン よしだ)

We have been doing this business for 50 years near Mikata Goko (Five Lakes of Mikata).

  • Wakasa Town
  • Aori Squid
  • Lunch
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Fish

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bowl of rice topped with squid

This is Drive-in Yoshida's original rice bowl. It is a good balance of squid, mountain potatoes, shiso leaves, and special sauce, and is enjoyed by everyone from the elderly to children. Gesoage (fried squid gizzard) and grilled squid meat with butter and soy sauce are also popular.

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70-3, Umiyama, Wakasa-cho, Mikata-Kaminaka-gun, Fukui
Business Hours
10:00~17:00※Close as soon as sold out
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