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Soba Dokoro Yottettei(そば処よってっ亭)

Yam Soba" is a specialty of the Natasho area of Ooi Town. Oroshi Soba can be served hot or cold, and is the most popular menu item throughout the year. Curry Soba is popular not only in winter but also in hot summer.

  • Ooi Town
  • Japanese Yam
  • Lunch
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Noodles

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109-1-1, Natasho, Ooi-machi, Oi-gun, Fukui, next to Roadside Station Natasho Produce Museum
福井県大飯郡おおい町名田庄納田終109-1-1 道の駅名田庄 物産館隣
Business Hours
[weekday] 10:00~15:00
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 10:00~16:00
Regular Holiday
Every Wednesday
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